St. Patrick's Cathedral Interior Glass Façade


New York, NY

82 sq.m

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Project Team:

Owner: Trustees of St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Architect: Murphy Burnham & Buttrick (MBB)

Construction Manager: StructureTone Inc.

Engineer - Structural: Silman Associates

Owner’s Representative: Zubatkin Owner Representation

The design of the interior façade consisted of an all-glass structure, which is perfectly integrated into the building. In the upper section, the façade consists of approx. 10.7 x 2.4m large façade panes, made of 3 x 12mm laminated safety glass, supported by a 7m long glass beam. The integrated glass doors in the lower section were set slightly further forward in order to preserve the chapel’s original mosaic floor. The façade is fitted with all around brass trims, which were especially specially designed to match the shape of the existing columns.

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