Lincoln Square Synagogue


New York, NY

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Design and Construction Management

Project Team:

Architect: Cetra Ruddy Architects

Owners Rep: Levien & Company

Owner: Lincoln Square Synagogue

Structural: Goldstein Associates

Construction: McGowan Builders

The design approach was based on the identity of the congregation, as Jewish symbolic imagery played a significant role in the design of the new space and façade. In Judaism, the Torah is the “core” structure to the spiritual, educational and social values. The symbolic significance of its spiral form is the infinite and continual study of its messages. Thus, the exterior and interior expression of the building centers on the symbolic perception that the five books of the Torah provide the essence for the architectural form. The east façade with its innovative five glass undulating “scrolls” tie together the Sanctuary, the Beit Midrash and the classroom spaces. The expression of the scrolls are not only manifested on the exterior but are perceived on the interior as well through the main lobby’s glass wall and the main curved stair.

Each façade ribbon is faceted by narrow 15.7" insulated, low-e, heat-strengthened glass units with pleated fabric laminated in the exterior lite and a ceramic frit pattern at the interior. This combination is UV-fitering and provides privacy for the synagogue worshipers. The panels vary in height from 8ft to 16ft, and the curtain wall framing is all custom designed and built from a panelized stick-built system. Our role started in the schematic design process and continued through the final construction phase. In order to facilitate the very precise fabrication of all the aluminum components, they were done in our local fabrication shop and we created all structural calculations, shop drawings and fabrication drawings for this comprehensive system resolved in a very high level of detail. Due to the complexity of the project, we utilized computer models integrated with the fabrication machinery to seamlessly transfer the information from the 3D model to the fabrication tables and ultimately to assembly and installation

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