Hybrid Urban House

In Progress

Fort Greene, Brooklyn



New Construction


Construction Management

The Hybrid Urban House is a new residence located on Vanderbilt Avenue, in the historic Fort Greene District in Brooklyn.  Located on a rare through lot spanning between two Avenues (Clinton and Vanderbilt), the existing site is the parking area for the existing residence on the site. The new building, part of the two-building complex, is facing the opposite avenue and will house the garage for the existing residence, while maintaining the exterior garden between the two homes. Historically, Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn has been the avenue of carriage houses, still many in existence, servicing the mansions on Clinton Avenue. The new building mirrors the historical urban condition, housing the vehicle for the existing residence. The design for the Hybrid has carefully taken into consideration the geometrical elements of the carriage houses existent on the street. The main arched opening with the two-story glass facade has operable windows and the structurally glazed façade allows for minimal mullions, therefore maximizing the glass and light entering the space. One can see through the glass walls all the way into the back of the building into the garden and the existing home. CNC 3D milling technology was used to develop forms for the cast stone that make up the façade panels, and colors and dimensions were carefully chosen at the direction of the Landmarks and Preservation Commission. With a large open façade towards the street and full sliding floor to ceiling glass on the rear, the spaces can be either opened entirely to create a single space or closed for privacy using the full ceiling height doors.

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