Hamptons Glass House 1

The Hamptons, NY

3500 sf


New Construction


Custom Interiors

Green Facades LLC w/ Ramona Albert Architecture

Ramona Albert

Nikolay Volosevich

A luxury escape located  in a wooded area in East Hampton, NY created as a retreat away from home, the house is fully enclosed in a glass skin, surrounded on all sides with a view of the landscape.

The central core of the house is the main structural element and houses the master bathroom fitted with marble  floor and walls carved with an oculus to bring nature inside. The Dining Room and Kitchen as well as Bedroom are facing the outdoors. Throughout the house custom millwork outfit the bedroom, closets and the kitchen areas to create a seamless minimal and comforting feel throughout the house.

The colors throughout are carefully chosen to reflect the light and to enhance the natural elements that surround the home.

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