5 Manhattan West


New York, NY

New York, NY

over 1M sq of facade and office space

Interior Renovation

New Construction




Project Team:

Owner: Brookfield Properties

Repositioning for an existing building from the 1960's known as the Skyrink building. The office building, with a panelized precast concrete skin, was reconceived with a lighter façade, which was a significant upgrade to the building.  The new pleated glass façade creates an uninfringed space, readily leasable with continuous views to the exterior. The partially opacified panels offer an integrated shading system, reducing the direct solar gain from the high angle sun. The lower panels are set to receive much lower solar heat gain and cooling loads are reduced by decreasing the reach of direct sun.

The project lead the way to repositioning buildings in New York, through unprecedented building techniques.The heavy concrete panels were essentially "peeled" off the building at nighttime, while during the day office workers were using the space only 12' away from the work. For the separation of the work, a specially designed wall system was designed that acted as a temporary exterior barrier between the work area for the new façade and the interior space. In this narrow space, the demolition and installation of the new façade took place.  

The building was transformed into Class A office space with maximum light.

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