The Glass House

Rhinebeck, NY



New Construction


Designed as a weekend housein Upstate New York, where the woods begin to break into an open valley, theGlass House is an evolution of a modern archetype.  As a house, it is a practical exercise inminimalism. The house separates zones according to how and when the spaces areused. The kitchen and dining areas are combined into a single space on the easternlobe and the living and sleeping areas located on the western lobe, dividedonly by mahogany storage block. The structural core, or nucleus of the housecontains the bathroom and ancillary spaces. The sheltering element of the GlassHouse is also the only structural element. It consists of a cantileveredconcrete, umbrella-like shell which acts as both vertical and horizontalstructure. The area beneath this canopy is enclosed by a simple vertical glazedcurtain. The relationship with nature is paramount at the House. Thesurrounding landscape and vegetation are always present and only physicallyseparated from the interior by a mere sheet of glass. The high-performanceenvelope as well the planted roof are used to improve energy efficiency whileat the same time, further reinforcing the relationship with nature. Project done in collaboration with C. Johnson.

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