New York

4500 sf

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” Chinese Proverb

Sungames is an educational project to promote learning about climate and sustainability. It is a virtual experience through a constructed landscape. The story is a relaxing journey through time and space that engages the imagination and enhances our curiosity about our world and our mission  to keep it alive. It consists of the VR Experience, The Pavilion and Solar, the digital flower.

Start your journey with the Virtual experience by clicking below. Sungames is best viewed full screen on the phone or tablet with headphones in the dark. Use the Vimeo App. Turn up the brightness to 100% and set the resolution to 4K or highest available for you.

The Sungames Pavilion is used for learning and exploration. The landscape splits  and rises above ground to form the pavilion structure. Part metal  and part earth, it is an enclosure powered by the rays of the sun. The flowers that surround it and “grow” on its roof generate energy for the lights inside the pavilion, making it glow.

Solar is a flower powered by the sun. It uses HCPV technology to concentrate a large amount of energy onto a small area.  It acts just as the natural plants do, taking the energy from the sun. The powerful cell lights up the LEDs on the underside of the Pavilion structure, as well as provide extra energy which is stored.