Solstice 24x24x24 exhibit at the Storefront for Art and Architecture

On June 21 we were excited to participate in the Solstice 24x24x24 exhibit at the Storefront for Art and Architecture.

24x24x24 was a 24 hour long marathon of events that invited 24 architects and designers to create 24 stools that provide an antidote to over polished, hyper refined, hyperbolic, and expensive design. An opportunity to connect, propose, and engage diverse architectural interests, designers will host an hour of programming in conjunction with their stool during the longest day of the year. From dawn to dusk of the summer solstice, participants will experiment in the collective production of thinking, design, and action.

Our proposal presented a virtual installation within the Storefront, and the stool as a contemporary version of African Ashanti Tabouret made from carbon fiber.  The process involved a prototype and a virtual model of the piece in space, however the prototyping was the most fun part.

abstract drawing of the tabouret




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